Tourism: a flagship for the Data Economy in Europe

October 26, 2023 - 10:15 - 11:45
Room 4D
Data Spaces
In person
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Tourism is one of the industries that has suffered more disruptive changes in a short period of time. In the past we used to go to a travel agency to reserve our holiday packages; while some still do so, most people use big platforms to check information on qualities and prices as well as to book any service or product associated to the travel and tourism industry. This is just a single example that has affected all of us, but the sector has gone through many other transformations. And it is still evolving as a result of factors like digitization, need for sustainability approaches and change in consumer behavior. As such, it is an impressive playground for technologies like data management and analytics, AI, digital twins or the metaverse. Do you know that there is a code of conduct for data sharing in tourism? Indeed, private and public sector have been sharing data since ages, but not all the data that companies need is available or actionable (because it is not collected, it is not prepared, it is not shared in readable format or there are no motivations to share it). Data spaces are here to disrupt traditional operations and business models.

This session will revolve around the use of data in the tourism industry by presenting the results of DATES, the data space for tourism and complementing this view with representatives of major players of the travelling industry and relevant initiatives like the ongoing work on tourism of GAIA-X or EONA-X use cases. The session will present the final blueprint and will share a call for interest to become part of the Tourism data space.

And since all this will happen in Valencia, one of the most touristic cities of Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, be prepared for a lot of inspiring talks from locals and surprises for the best travellers!!!!

Dolores Ordóñez presentation here

Benidorm presentation here

Jennifer Ruiz presentation here

Joan Antoni Malonda presentation here

Giovanna Galasso
Partner at Intellera Consulting SpA
Nuria De Lama
Consulting Director at IDC
Dolores Ordóñez
Director at Anysolution
Jesus Santamaria
Programes Director of the ICT Division at TECNALIA Research & Innovation
Ricardo Millet
Director of digitalization and intelligence at Visit Valencia
Joan Antoni Malonda
Tourism Business Developer at GMV
Jennifer Ruiz Moreno
Director of Mastercard Tourism Innovation Hub at Mastercard
Antonio Sánchez
Data Analyst Executive & Content Creator at Visit Benidorm
Andreas Eisenrauch
Project Coordinator Data Spaces at Amadeus
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