Sebastian Pena Serna
Founder and CEO at clesgo GmbH

Sebastian Peña Serna is the founder of clesgo GmbH, a startup working toward facilitating the democratization and adoption of ICT-enabled solutions in the manufacturing industry. clesgo is the developer of the technology behind the DIGITbrain Digital Agora – a B2B cloud-based platform that seeks to streamline the access to and adoption of ICT expertise, technologies, and solutions, thanks to its dedicated functionalities to foster Community interactions, Marketplace services, and Enterprise resources. Sebastian studied mechanical engineering and is finalizing his Ph.D. at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. His R&D interests are cloud computing, machine learning, computational geometry, mechanical design, and robotic kinematics. Sebastian Peña Serna has the role of DIGITbrain’s Project Vision Lead



Inspirational speeches and keynotes
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  09:00-10:15
DIGITbrains’ Modular Approach to Digital Twin Development to Multiply the Impact of Solutions in Manufacturing
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  14:45-15:45
Round Table and Hands-on Session –Talk to the DIGITbrain Experts
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  15:45-18:00
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