Big Data Value PPP networking sessions, Data Sharing and Integration

November 22, 2017 - 16:30 - 18:00
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The session focuses on data sharing and integration along the whole Big Data Value chain.
In this session, participants will get a good overview on how the BDV PPP projects and initiatives are addressing data sharing and data integration. Speakers will show through real and simple cases how they are advancing in overcoming some barriers to foster exchange, linking, re-use and integration of data assets from different sectors and across languages and formats.

To ensure valuable big data analytics outcomes, the incoming data is expected to be of a high quality, what stresses the importance of addressing many challenges in data management and the need of exploring the economic opportunities in Data integration.
Data sharing is seen as an important enabler in the data economy, stressing the need of overcoming legal, technical, interoperability and societal barriers in particular in cross-border scenarios. A reflection is needed in the ways and reasons to share data, and, in stimulating “out-of-the-box” thinking in supporting companies in the data sharing process.

Big data value chain, trusted data sharing environment, cross-border and cross lingual data sharing and integration, data integration, data economy.


Ana García Robles (BDVA Secretary General)
Johanna Walker (University of Southampton, DataPitch project)
Roberta Turra (CINECA, BDVA TF1-SG4)


Roberta Turra (Team Lead, CINECA / Representing BDVA TF1-SG4)
Johanna Walker (Senior Research Assistant, University of Southampton. DataPitch Project)
Dumitru Roman (Senior Research Scientist, SINTEF, Norway)
Yury Glikman (Digital Public Services – Fraunhofer FOKUS)
Giorgos Giannopoulos (Research Associate, IMIS / Athena RC)
Matteo Palmonari (Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication, University of Milan-Bicocca)
Spiros Mouzakitis (Senior Researcher, National Technical University of Athens)
Tomas Pariente Lobo (Head of Data Intelligence Lab, ATOS / Research & Innovation)


  • Opening remarks (Ana Garcia Robles, BDVA Secretary General)
  • BDVA i-Spaces (Roberta Turra, CINECA, i-Spaces team)
  • DataPitch (Johanna Walker, University of Southampton)
  • Insights from the PPP projects (cases and discussion):
    • EWShopp project, Matteo Palmonari, Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication, University of Milan-Bicocca
    • euBusinessGraph project, Dumitru Roman, SINTEF
    • AEGIS project by Yury Glikman, Digital Public Services at Fraunhofer FOKUS
    • SLIPO project, Giorgos Giannopoulos, Athena RC
    • Data sharing and integration for Maritime Applications – Challenges and Opportunities, Spyros Mouzakitis, NTUA (BigDataOcean Project)
    • QROWD project: Involving humans in the big data loop, Tomas Pariente Lobo, ATOS
    • Fashion BRAIN project (Representative fashion BRAIN)
  • Closing remarks (Johanna Walker, University of Southampton)


Dumitru Roman
Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF
Spiros Mouzakitis
Senior Research Analyst at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
Tomás Pariente Lobo
AI, Data & Robotics Unit - Atos Research & Innovation at Atos
Yury Glikman
Deputy Head of Digital Public Services Department at Fraunhofer FOKUS
Giorgos Giannopoulos
Johanna Walker
AI and society at King’s College London Organisation
Matteo Palmonari
Associate Professor at University Milano Bicocca
Roberta Turra
Team Lead at CINECA
Ana-Garcia-Robles-BDVA-EBDVF17 (1)
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