Wolfgang Weidinger
Chairperson of the Vienna Data Science Group

Wolfgang Weidinger is Chairperson of the Vienna Data Science Group, a nonprofit association which aims to promote knowledge about Data Science including topics like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning worldwide. In this position he is part of an international community of data scientists who are working in numerous industries and do a variety of activities like giving talks, writing books or organizing hackathons.
His experience over the last 12 years includes roles as Head of Data Science at the wholesale company Frankstahl and team lead for the DACH analytics team at the consulting firm Experian. He held a position as Senior Quantitative Analyst and Vice President in the CRO, CFO and Business strategy area for Unicredit Bank Austria as well as data scientist and project manager at a startup for optimization, pricing and marketing engineering.



Big Data & Machine Learning in the Company Strategy (Parallel Session 3.1)
Monday Nov 12, 2018  17:00-18:30
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