Vladimir Alexiev
Sirma AI (trading as Ontotext)

Vladimir Alexiev is Chief Data Architect at Ontotext (Sirma AI).
He has a PhD in computing science from University of Alberta, MS in computer science from Technical University of Sofia, and a PMP certification. He has 31 years of IT experience, of which 20 years of IT PM experience and 11 years with semantic technologies. He is one of the founders of Sirma Group Holding (SKK on BSE/SOFIX), the largest Bulgarian IT group and parent company of Ontotext. He was a Masters-level lecturer in IT PM and Semantic Technologies at New Bulgarian University. He’s published 36 refereed papers; 36 reports, manuals, deliverables, ontologies; and a book chapter.
His experience includes semantic modeling, ontology engineering, metadata standards, vocabularies and thesauri, RDF, RDFS, OWL2, RDF Shapes, SHACL, SHEX, SKOS, SPARQL, GraphQL, LOD, mapping, R2RML, ETL in a variety of domains. In Ontotext he’s worked on Data and Ontology Management, Innovation and Consulting, Data Architecture, the Ontotext Platform and Semantic Object Modeling Language. In the last several years he’s focused on industrial data, including transport & logistics, engineering & construction, asset management, electricity & energy, manufacturing, Data Spaces.



Data Spaces Enabling City Digital Twins
Thursday Dec 2, 2021  10:00-11:00
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