Vittorio Monferrino
Project Leader at R&I Lawyer and Ethics Expert

Vittorio is currently managing the internal Innovation activities in GFT, as well as managing several projects in the EU environment. He has experience in mentoring startups, account management for clients in AI-driven projects and a passion for change management activities intended to optimize and enhance management models and approaches of startups and SMEs. Vittorio envisions innovation as a mean to evolve business and create value. Vittorio is also Task Force Leader of the TF7.SG10 “Big Data and AI for the Financial Sector.



Big Data and AI for the Financial Sector: challenges and opportunities
Wednesday Dec 1, 2021  12:30-14:00
Parallel session on Data Driven AI for Financial Services (Infinitech project sponsored session)
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  13:45-15:30
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