Victor Mireles-Chavez
Technology Researcher at Semantic Web Company

I studied computer science and mathematics in UNAM, Mexico, and then went on to get a PhD doing computational biology at FU Berlin. Here I fell in love with the Semantic Web, and started doing industrial research in this direction. The work in NLP, metadata catalogues and data spaces just kind of followed naturally.  My research has mostly focused on the structuring of data in machine readable formats, specifically that which is extractor from text. I’ve been involved in several European and national projects, three of which are built around federated data infrastructures.



Lessons learnt from Data Platforms projects
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  11:00-13:00
Towards Data Spaces Interoperability Workshop on standardization co-organized by BD4NRG, TRUSTS and IDSA
Wednesday Nov 23, 2022  9:00-10:00
Future of Europe’s Innovations: Federated Data Sharing Environments-TRUSTS
Wednesday Nov 23, 2022  10:00-11:00
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