Vega Rodrigálvarez Chamarro
Senior Programmer Analyst at Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITAINNOVA)

Vega Rodrigálvarez (female) is a senior researcher in the Big Data and Cognitive Systems division of ITAINNOVA. She is Computer Engineer by the Universidad Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and PMP® Certificied. She has been working at ITAINNOVA since 2000. Currently, she is a project manager participating in several research and development projects in different areas such as health, and public administration. Her technical knowledge is focused in Big Data and non-structured and structured databases. She also represents ITAINNOVA at BDV/DAIRO association being co-leader in Public Administration group.



Empowering the Public Sector through AI
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  16:45-18:15
Making data-driven policy management a reality across Europe
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  11:00-12:00
Strengthen Data & AI synergies to improve smart cities’ services facing new climate and societal challenges
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  14:00-15:30
Parallel session on AI and Big Data for a Circular Economy
Tuesday Nov 3, 2020  15:30-17:00
Application Track 5: Smart Society – Main Session
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  14:00-15:30
Parallel Session on Smart government with co-creating services with the use of AI and Data
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  15:45-16:45
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