Ursula Eysin
CEO & Founder, Red Swan

Ursula Eysin is founder and CEO of Red Swan, a boutique consultancy specialized in scenario processes based in Vienna and an evaluator for technology transfer and new business models with the European Commission. She is an expert in the strategic future process “scenario planning“, the creation of new business models and strategic communication. Mrs Eysin studied Sinology, Business Administration, Theatre, Film & Media Sciences, and Public Relations. She used to work as a production manager and commentator in theatre, opera and film before she became a technology consultant and communication professional. Her broad knowledge and experience in many areas including technology, security, politics, the media and the cultural business enable her to develop insightful future scenarios with the potential to cause real changes in perspectives.



Responsible AI of the Future (Parallel Sesion 4.1)
Tuesday Nov 13, 2018  11:15-12:45
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