Tomas Lehtinen
Data Analytics Consultant at City of Espoo

Tomas Lehtinen works as a Data Analytics Consultant in the City as a Service Development Unit of City of Espoo, developing future-proof services while creating development, management and consulting tools for City as a Service.

Tomas was the project manager at Espoo and Tieto’s unique artificial intelligence project, which tested the use of artificial intelligence to identify service paths and those who need support. Today, a large part of the working day is spent on the issues of platform economy, data and artificial intelligence. Tomas is an active participant in national and international networks. For example, Espoo and Tomas, together with their Finnish and international partners, are creating ethical rules for the development and use of artificial intelligence. In Espoo we feel that harnessing data we can deliver public services that are responsive, efficient and fair for sustainable development.



AI in Public Sector and Smart Cities
Tuesday Oct 15, 2019  11:00-12:30
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