Thomas Penzel
Professor at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Dr. Thomas Penzel is an IEEE fellow member. He graduated from physics (1986), human biology (1991), and physiology (1995) at the University Marburg, Germany. In 1997 he received a certificate for sleep medicine and a certificate for medical informatics. In 2001 he was awarded Professor at the University of Marburg. He was with the University of Marburg since 1982 and started many initiatives (cardiorespiratory sleep conferences and medical/engineering interdisciplinary symposia) to promote and strengthen sleep medicine in Germany and Europe. In 2006 he moved to Berlin to join the interdisciplinary sleep medicine center at the Charité University hospital and serves as scientific director of the sleep center. In 2001 he received the Bial award for clinical medicine in Portugal, 2008 the Bill Gruen Award for Innovations in Sleep Research by the Sleep Research Society, 2012 the Somnus Award by Sleep apnea patient groups in Germany, and 2014 the distinguished development award by the Chinese sleep research society. He was conference chair of IEEE-EMBC 2019. He is distinguished lecturer of EMBS and mento in the EMBS mentoring program. 2021. He is an editorial board member on IEEE T-BME, IEEE TEHM. He holds the role of Editor and Associate Editor for other journals in biomedical engineering and sleep research. He authored more than 400 papers in Pubmed with an H-index over 60 and many conference papers. His research bridges biomedical engineering and sleep research.





Federated learning and explainable AI: enhancing trust in clinical practice
Monday Nov 21, 2022  14:00-15:30
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