Tervel Bobev
Legal researcher at CiTiP - KU Leuven - IMEC

Tervel Bobev is a legal researcher at the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law. His work focuses on data sharing arrangements in cutting edge contexts such as Industry 4.0 and common European data spaces. His area of expertise is bridging the gap between novel legislation, industrial agreements, and technological innovations such as Digital Twins and (distributed) ML networks. Tervel is currently engaged in the following projects: “EU Hubs 4 Data” (EUH4D), “European “Data as a PRoduct” Value Ecosystems for Resilient Factory 4.0 Product and ProDuction ContinuitY and Sustainability” (RE4DY), and MOZAIK: Scalable and Secure Data Sharing. Prior to his work in KU Leuven, Tervel worked on personal data protection in online web advertising as part of the University of Oslo’s Security in Internet Governance and Networks: Analysing the Law (SIGNAL) project.



Data Intermediaries and the DGA: Understanding and complying with the DISP label
Friday Oct 27, 2023  09:30-11:00
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