Tassos Kanellos
Technical Project Manager at ITML

Tassos Kanellos is a Technical Project Manager at ITML. During 2012-2021, he worked at NCSR ‘Demokritos’ as a lead Unity Developer and as a senior Project Manager in R&D projects. Previously, he has worked as a freelance architect, computational designer and 3D visualization artist, as a ‘Design Systems Analyst’ at ‘Foster+Partners’ and has collaborated with the ‘United Visual Artists’. He has taught computational design with Processing and Arduino at multiple workshops. During 2012-2019, he taught the course ‘Computational Creativity’ at a joint Postgraduate Programme of ASFA and Paris8. He holds a Diploma in Architecture (NTUA) and an MSc in Computation (UCL).



Empowering Smart Cities with Multimodal Extreme-Scale Data Analytics (MARVEL project)
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  10:15-11:45
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