Sergio Mayo Macías
Project Manager at Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón

Sergio is largely experienced at working in a multicultural environment (beginning with his traineeship in Bergen, Norway), involving both different education profiles and cultural references. Almost every project developed at Reuters and at Vodafone R&D included teams with people from 3+ different nationalities. He is used to manage complex projects and also highly skilled teams, including technical, organizational and budgetary issues (specially in different EU Frame Programs projects managed at ITAINNOVA). Daily work at ITAINNOVA includes new projects generation, working closely with SMEs and Public Admins (generating and launching ideas, looking for budget through public/private funding programs and creating plans)



Strengthen Data & AI synergies to improve smart cities’ services facing new climate and societal challenges
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  14:00-15:30
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