Sandro D’Elia
Programme Officer - Unit A2: Technology and Systems for Digitalising Industry at European Commission...

Sandro D’Elia earns his living from digital technologies since so many years that he still remembers punched cards.
After a career in the industry, where he was a systems architect and senior project manager for several IT companies, he joined the European Commission in 2006. He is now a programme officer in the Directorate-General “Communications Networks, Content and Technology”, working on the definition and implementation of European digital policy, primarily in the area of digitisation of industry, and on the management of research and innovation programmes in key digital technologies.
Sandro contributed to the “Digitising European Industry” strategy, and is now busy working for the future Horizon Europe and Digital Europe programmes.



Focus Track 3: Market uptake: Bringing AI and Data Science to Practice – Main session
Wednesday Nov 4, 2020  10:00-11:30
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