Pekka Koponen
Senior Advisor at Forum Virium Helsinki Organisation
Pekka Koponen is Senior Advisor at Forum Virium Helsinki, a non-profit innovation and development company owned by the City of Helsinki. Forum Virium Helsinki is co-creating urban futures with both public and private sector organisations.  Pekka joined Forum Virium 15 years ago just after it was founded and has been in a key role in building this accelerator of change for the city. Recently he has been leading a team of smart mobility specialists, before that working on data and interoperability, especially open data and MyData. At the moment he is focusing on the digital twin of the city, which is being built to enable also smarter mobility services for the citizens and the city.



An Innovative Approach to Compliant Consent
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  17:00-18:00
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