Pablo Coca
Director for Business Development and Operations at CTIC Centro Tecnológico

Pablo Coca has an extensive background in the field of innovation management. He obtained his MEng in Chemical Engineering degree in 2000 followeb by an MSc in Project Management in 2008, both from the University of Oviedo. With over 23 years of experience, He has provided expert guidance on R&D and technology projects across various sectors including steel, aeronautics, automotive, health, and ICT. In 2014, He assumed his current position as the Director of Business Development and Operations at CTIC Centro Tecnológico, a leading technology center in Spain that specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies. Among other affiliations, He is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Hub of Gaia-X and serves as the coordinator of its Working Group in Agrifood Data Spaces. Additionally, he is at the forefront of CTIC’s initiative in the emerging field of Quantum Computing.



Data Spaces for enabling AI solutions in AgriFood. The current situation, the opportunities and the forces
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  12:15-13:45
If you think AI is hot, wait until it meets Quantum Computing (part 2)
Friday Oct 27, 2023  10:15-11:15
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