Olof Akre
Senior Consultant Urologist, Karolinska UniversityHospital Research Group Leader, Urology, Karolinsk...

Prof. Dr Olof Akre is a professor of epidemiology and senior consultant urologist specialized on robotic prostate-cancer surgery. He is the Patient-Flow Captain for the entire prostate-cancer care flow at Karolinska University Hospital. He also has a long publication list from a large number of clinical epidemiologic studies of urologic tumours using nationwide databases, medical charts, and biological samples, etc. He was previously the lead clinician at the Urology Dept. of Karolinska University Hospital and is the scientific secretary of the Swedish Urology Association. He is a member of the steering committee of the National Prostate Cancer Register and the Principal investigator for SPCG-15 – a large Scandinavian randomized control trial of primary surgery vs primary radiotherapy for locally advanced prostate cancer.



Healthcare (Parallel Session 2.4)
Monday Nov 12, 2018  15:00-16:30
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