Nicolas Villain
Head of Medical Image Processing department at Philips

Since 2012, Nicolas Villain is the Department Head of Philips Research in France, a team of 40 researchers in the domain of medical image processing and machine learning.
He holds an Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris, France, and a Master degree in biomedical engineering from Ecole Polytechnique Montreal, Canada. He joined Philips Research in France in 1999 as a researcher in computer vision and has worked in algorithm design and software programming in various applications such as robotic vision, ultrasound imaging, image-guided interventions and automatic image analysis for radiology.
He published articles in scientific journals such as IEEE transactions in Bio-Medical Engineering, IEEE transactions on Medical Imaging, as well as medical publications like the Journal of Neuroradiology and many conferences. He also holds more than 10 international patents in the domain of medical imaging.
As the head of Philips Research France, he has participated in many European collaborative projects (Care4Me in ITEA2, PANORAMA in ENIAC, VP2HF in FP7 or CardioFunXion in FP7-Marie Curie IAPP).



Wednesday Nov 22, 2017  14:15-16:00
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