Nicolas Moës
AI Policy Researcher at AI Supply Chain Assurance Framework

I am an independent AI Policy Researcher based in Brussels and have worked with the think tanks Bruegel, The Future Society and the Global Digital Foundation on various research and policy projects. An economist by training with a Master degree (M.Phil.) in Economics from the University of Oxford, I mostly focus on the impact of AI on geopolitics and the economy and monitor the legislative developments surrounding AI in the EU. I also provide research, consulting and support for the development, deployment and operation of trustworthy AI systems and work on Responsible AI with a select group of clients worldwide. Previously, I worked on EU technology policy and innovation policy and co-authored a report on Digitalisation and the European welfare states. While working with The Future Society, I have done research for the OECD and co-authored the 2020 advisory report for the Global Partnership on AI’s Responsible AI Working Group. I also co-produced the 2019 Global Governance of AI Forum and the Athens AI Roundtable on AI in the Rule of Law.



Building trust in the AI supply chain
Wednesday Dec 1, 2021  12:05-12:25
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