Milan Petkovic
Head AI Data Science & Digital Twin at Philips

Prof. Dr. Milan Petković heads the Data Science department which conducts innovation projects for Philips in the domain of machine learning and big data analytics. He is also a part-time full professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology, at the department of Computer Science, but contributing to the Data Science Center too. His interests are in data science, big data, artificial intelligence and information security and privacy. Next to being the Vice President of the Big Data Value Association, Prof. Petković served in boards of directors of several alliances (such as Trust in Digital Life) and participated in many Advisory Groups (such as EC advisory groups for FP7 and H2020, ENISA, etc). Next to Philips internal projects, Prof. Petković is also active in the EU and Dutch national collaborative projects. He has led several big FP7 and Dutch national projects (e.g. AU2EU collaboration with Australia) and participated in many. He has published many papers as well as several books.



Speeding up Industrial and Trustworthy AI
Tuesday Nov 30, 2021  14:30-15:45
Do we trust AI applications? A cross-sectional challenge in the European Digital Transformation
Wednesday Dec 1, 2021  12:30-14:00
Application Track 2: Health – Main session
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  10:00-11:30
Transforming Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence
Tuesday Oct 15, 2019  11:00-12:30
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