Mauro Manente
CTO at Latitudo 40

Mauro Manente is CTO and co-founder of Latitudo 40 where with all his passion and curiosity he is driving the development of the fastest and easiest cloud platform to access data extracted from satellite images using AI. During the last 20 years, after his computer engineering graduation at University of Naples “Federico II”, he had the chance to work with several space/telco companies in Italy as a software developer first and then as team leader, project manager and CTO. He founded his first IT consultancy company in 2010 and then has been co-founder and member of board of directors of Remocean and Latitudo 40, two startups based in Italy in the field of remote sensing, and co-founder of Sentimetrix, a United States based company specialized in sentiment analysis.



EUHubs4Data: How to federate data resources to boost companies developing AI Solutions
Wednesday Dec 1, 2021  09:00-10:00
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