Marten Kaevats
National Digital Advisor at Govtect

Marten Kaevats, is the former National Digital Advisor in the Government Office of Estonia or unofficially the Chief Innovation Officer of Estonia. He is the co-founder of GovStack. He, being responsible for information society and innovation in Estonia, was working on upgrading the interoperability system architecture of his country. The goal of all his work is to build adaptable and future-proof governance architecture, while acknowledging well that predicting that future in its complexity is impossible. Estonia, being a prime example of distributed governance architecture based on human-scale values where every end user is in control of their data, is perfect in testing out new forms of governance suitable for the 21st century. 



Leveraging DLTs for new data economy: Recommendations to the European Union
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  17:00-18:00
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