Marieke Willems
Project Manager at Policy Cloud

Marieke Willems is a Project Manager at Trust-IT Services, with an MBA from EADA Barcelona (2008) and an MSc in Communication Science from the Radboud University of Nijmegen (2005). Marieke is specialise din Research Communication and Stakeholder Engagement and is involved in several research projects. She is currently leading the dissemination work in the European Research and Innovation projects BigDataStack, Policy Cloud, Research Data Alliance Europe 4.0 and Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC). In addition she worked on the Common Dissemination Booster and is currently working on the Horizons Results Booster, that encourages European funded projects to come together to identify a common portfolio of results and shows them how best to disseminate to end-users, with an eye on exploitation opportunities.



Parallel session on European Big Data Research for Industry. 3 projects. 7 sectors. 9 applications. 41 software components. Now what?” (I-BiDaaS Sponsored session)
Tuesday Nov 3, 2020  14:00-15:00
Parallel session on A BigDataStack for Industry – a focus on retail, shipping and insurance: is BigData the real future of emerging business? (BigDataStack project sponsored session)
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  10:00-13:30
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