Ljiljana Stojanovic
Head of Research Group "Smart Factory Systems" at Fraunhofer IOSB

Dr. Ljiljana Stojanovic is head of the ” Smart Factory Systems” at Fraunhofer IOSB. She holds a PhD in computer science from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Her main research area is at the intersection of digital twins, semantic technologies, and event processing. She is currently working on the application of these technologies in the manufacturing and process industries. Ljiljana is an active member of several organizations working on standardized and interoperable digital twins, such as IDTA (Industrial Digital Twin Association), IIC Digital Twin Interoperability TG, Joint DTC-IIC Digital Twin Interoperability Working Group, etc. She has contributed to the PI4.0 Asset Administration Shell specification. She is also involved in BDVA, especially in the Smart Manufacturing Industry WG. Contact: ljiljana.stojanovic@iosb.fraunhofer.de



The crucial role of data, data sharing and data-driven technologies in pandemics resilience
Monday Nov 21, 2022  17:00-18:00
Digital Twins and Standards
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  14:00-15:30
Digital Twins in Manufacturing and the role of RAMI Asset Administration Shell
Friday Dec 3, 2021  12:30-14:00
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