Leire Orue-Echevarria
Project Director at Tecnalia

Leire is Project Director in TECNALIA, is PhD in Economics, graduated as Computer Engineer (MSc) at the University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), with an Executive MBA, a Ms in social studies with a focus on Economics. Her professional experience acquired in Spain, Germany and Austria, ranges from different industrial sectors and covering the whole software lifecycle, from requirements elicitation to validation through development, and in the most varied set of applications: web content management systems, intelligent tutoring systems or railway signalling systems. Ms. Orue-Echevarria started working at TECNALIA (former European Software Institute) in 2008 where she has acted as senior CMMI consultant, Project Leader and Project Manager of R&D projects at regional, national and European level. She currently coordinates two H2020 projects (CITADEL and DECIDE) and was the major driving forces behind the study on ‘Certification schemes for cloud computing’ used as input for the EC sponsored Cloud Policy Working Group on Cloud Security Certification, where she also acts as a drafting member. Leire leads the Cloud Technologies team at TECNALIA since January 2013. Her current research areas are cloud computing with a special focus on software engineering for (mobile, multi-)cloud, privacy on the cloud, business models and its application of cloud technologies in different industrial sectors.



Parallel Session on Smart government with co-creating services with the use of AI and Data
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  15:45-16:45
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