Jürgen Neises
R&I Subsidies Program Manager at Fujitsu

Dr. Jürgen Neises is Senior Consultant and manages the Fujitsu Europe P&I Subsidies Program. Since 1990, he has led a number of research and innovation projects on infrastructure, mobile and security solutions in research and at Fujitsu. Jürgen’s track record includes high-performance computing, carrier-grade availability, and a wide range of security solutions. Currently, Jürgen leads Fujitsu’s participation of the Horizon 2020 project sSecureIoT (Grant No. 779899), FINSEC (Grant No. 786727) and INFINITECH (Grant No. 856632). Jürgen is Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer.



Parallel session on the SecureIoT project – Predictive, Intelligent and Automated IoT Security (SecureIoT project sponsored session)
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  11:00-12:00
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