Julia Palma
ICT Program Coordinator at Eurecat

Julia Palma is an ICT Program Coordinator in Eurecat, a private non-profit technology research center in Catalonia. Julia has a degree in Pharmacy and she later studied Industrial Engineering and did PhD studies in the University of Seville. She is recognised as an expert on International Trade by the ESIC Business and Marketing School. Since 2011, she has managed collaborative projects for different companies related to information technologies, biotechnology and health. She previously had a multidisciplinary background as a researcher, teacher and business developer. Her current responsibilities include representing Eurecat in the European Commission’s working groups in the “Digitising European Industry” initiative and being the Task Force Subgroup leader on Data i-Spaces within the BDVA TF1.SG4.



Startups and Entrepreneurs Boosting Big Data Corporate Innovation (Parallel Session 2.1)
Monday Nov 12, 2018  15:00-16:30
Shaping the European Big Data landscape: from i-Spaces and Centers of Excellence to Big Data Digital Innovation Hubs (Workshop 1.3)
Wednesday Nov 14, 2018  10.30-12:30
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