Juan Cadavid
EU Affairs Manager at CEA /REACH project

Dr. Juan Cadavid (male) works at CEA LIST, where he holds the position of responsible for European Affairs, for topics AI and Manufacturing. He holds a PhD from University of Rennes, where he worked in one of the pioneering research teams of MDE. His doctoral thesis fell under the topic of “precise metamodeling”, where he developed approaches and tools to make MDE more accessible to stakeholders in different application domains. He has been involved in H2020 projects BEinCPPS and ConnectedFactories, and is currently the coordinator of the REACH project, “EuRopEAn incubator for trusted and secure data value CHains”, and is currently involved in the governance team of DIGIHALL, the Paris area Digital Innovation Hub.



Parallel session on Connecting Data Incubators: leveraging synergies and sharing experiences
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  10:00-11:30
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