Jean-Yves Blanc
Chief IT Architect, CGG at Subsurface Imaging Business Line

Jean-Yves Blanc is the Chief IT Architect for the Subsurface Imaging Business Line. He defines the IT strategy for technical and scientific IT, which encompasses technology scouting, data centers design, an introduction of new technologies to the operations, transverse projects with the other divisions and support functions, and IT sourcing.

J-Y. Blanc joined CGG in 1992. Prior to his current position inside CGG, he was the head of the Parallel Computing Development Group, was the technical leader of the IT industrialization group, the advisor for the development and IT head.

He is holding a Ph. D. of Applied Maths from the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble, France. He is reporting to Tim Baxter, VP of Systems Technology & Computing department for the SI business line. He is based in Massy (south of Paris), France.



Big Data-HPC
Wednesday Nov 22, 2017  11:00-12:45
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