Jarmo Hämäläinen
Research DirectorMetsäteho

Jarmo Hämäläinen is a Research Director of Metsäteho. Metsäteho is a limited company owned by the Finnish forest industry focusing on R&D of wood supply.
Jarmo Hämäläinen is responsible for research activities targeting at improved productivity, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of forestry. During the last years, he has focused on wood supply digitalization, which offers great potential to achieve the targets. He has led many national R&D projects on the topic in co-operation with a wide network of research organisations, ICT suppliers and actors of the forestry sector.
Most important topics have been forest big data collection and utilization, data platforms and new applications supporting precision forestry. Jarmo Hämäläinen has graduated in Forestry from the University of Helsinki.



Data-driven Bioeconomy with Big Data and AI
Monday Oct 14, 2019  16:45-18:30
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