Janjoost Jullens
Director at Blocklab

Janjoost Jullens is the director of Blocklab, the Port of Rotterdam’s special vehicle for new data solutions that is developing a flagship projects with both commercial partners and academia. Next to that he is a strategic consultant on digital economies and technololgy impact.

from www.blocklab.nl :
“At Blocklab we put blockchain technology into practice. Working with engineers, developers, and end users, we build applications to enhance the global energy transition and optimize global supply chains.

As a subsidiary of the Port of Rotterdam – the world’s largest smart port – we are uniquely placed to tackle the Port’s biggest challenges and bolster its greatest strengths.

By creating commercial use cases with an international consortia, proof of concepts and experiments with start ups and the wider developer community, and involving ourselves with leading universities like TU Delft and the Erasmus University Rotterdam via joint research initiatives, we are bringing blockchain applications to industry in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and around the globe.”



Parallel session on The good, the bad and the ugly: the reality of shaping data sharing policies and strategies
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  10:00-11:30
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