Jaana Sinipuro
Project Director at Sitra

Jaana Sinipuro is a Project Director at Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund. Sitra is “a think, do and connect tank” that collaborates with partners from different sectors to trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. The basis of Sitra’s work is a vision of Finland as a pioneer of sustainable well-being.
Jaana is an experienced ICT and management professional. She believes that the successful digital services of the future will be based on trust and create value for everyone. The Fair Data Economy project aims to set up European-level rules and guidelines for the economy where services and data-based products are created in an ethical manner. Fairness in the data economy means that the rights of individuals are protected, and the needs of all stakeholders are taken into account. Prior to IHAN®, she managed an extensive Digital Health HUB project creating a new operating model for a one-stop shop (“Findata”) for collecting and distributing well-being data.
Before joining Sitra, Jaana worked as a Senior Advisor at SAS Institute, a business analytics company. She is a certified Enterprise Architect with over 20 years of experience within data, analytics and knowledge management.
Jaana is a dialogue-loving doer, dog-owner and loves horses, her garden and boating around her 130-year-old wooden house in the Finnish Archipelago
In Twitter you’ll find her and her projects @jsinipuro #fairdata #isaacus #IHAN @sitrafund



Parallel session on The good, the bad and the ugly: the reality of shaping data sharing policies and strategies
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  10:00-11:30
Personal data spaces and My Data
Tuesday Oct 15, 2019  16:15-18:00
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