Iñaki Martinez Sarriegui
Head of Research & Innovation at Optivamedia

Dr. Iñaki Martínez-Sarriegui is a Telecommunication Engineer and PhD (cum laude) in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in trust and reputation mechanisms for content recommendation. For more than 15 years he has been engaged in a wide range of European, National and Regional research projects; first as a pre-doctoral researcher at UPM and, since 2016, as the main researcher and coordinator at Optiva Media, where he also leads the Research & Innovation Area. He is responsible for boosting Optiva Media’s innovation programmes, promoting the application of technologies like AI-ML, Data Management and/or XR to different domains.



The Metaverse – current status and way forward
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  16:00-17:30
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