Henk van Houten
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, at Royal Philips

Henk van Houten is the Chief Technology Officer of Royal Philips, a position he has held since 2016. His office initiates and drives innovation across businesses and markets, with a focus on creating integrated solutions across the continuum of care, enabled by digital technologies, smart systems and devices.
Henk started his career at Philips Research in 1985, where he investigated quantum transport phenomena in semiconductor nanostructures – work awarded with the Royal Dutch Shell prize. He has since held a range of international management positions through to his current role.
As CTO of Philips Henk is determined to help create a world where technology adapts to people, not the other way round.

Topics of expertise:
• Digitization of healthcare: the move to systems of systems
• Adaptive intelligence (AI) and data science – augmenting humans to provide better care
• Hybrid cloud and The Internet of (medical) Things
• Image guided therapy
• Precision diagnostics



Keynotes on the European Perspective
Tuesday Nov 3, 2020  10:35-11:35
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