Gertjan Burghouts
Senior scientist at TNO

Dr. Gertjan Burghouts received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Amsterdam, where he researched the recognition of objects in images. He was a Principal Investigator at DARPA Mind’s Eye program (2010-2013) about automated recognition of human behavior in videos. In DARPA Mind’s Eye program, his team was a top-performer in the two benchmarks. He has co-authored many scientific papers and holds three patents. He won an award from the national academy of engineering (KIVI) for novel research and was elected young researcher of the year by TNO. He supervises PhD and MSc students on advanced applied machine learning, and collaborates with several universities. He received an award by NATO for research on multimodal analytics. He is a team member in DARPA Learning with Less Labels (2019-2023), about deep learning with limited data and labels, where his responsibility is few-shot object detection.



Using domain knowledge to improve Artificial Intelligence
Friday Dec 3, 2021  09:05-09:25
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