Georg Langs
Chief Scientist and Co-Founder at contextflow

Georg Langs is chief scientist and co-founder of contextflow GmbH, a spin-off of Medical University of Vienna developing deep learning software for medical image analysis and search. He is also associate professor, and head of the Computational Imaging Research Lab at the Medical University of Vienna.

He has published more than 190 peer reviewed papers in the area of machine learning, medical image analysis, and computational neuroscience. He is serving as reviewer for numerous journals (Radiology, IEEE TMI, Medical Image Analysis) and conferences (MICCAI, CVPR) and is Area Chair at CVPR 2021.



Parallel session on Improving healthcare through big data. Last findings of BigMedilytics (BigMedilytics project sponsored session)
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  14:00-15:00
Big Data & Machine Learning in the Company Strategy (Parallel Session 3.1)
Monday Nov 12, 2018  17:00-18:30
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