Gayane Sedrakyan
Sr. Researcher, Acting Research Project Manager at IMEC (Ghent University)

Gayane Sedrakyan obtained PhD in Business Economics at KU Leuven specializing in Information Systems.  Gayane’s research interests include model-driven engineering (code generation of soft/web applications), process data analytics, (process-oriented) feedback automation, dashboards, visualizations. The results of her PhD were nominated in the context of university-wise educational prize for the innovative feedback at KU Leuven. Prior to her PhD research, she obtained 4 master degrees. Among them are Management Information Systems (KU Leuven, Belgium, 2012), Computer and Information Science (American University of Armenia, 2007) and post-graduate governmental studies (Public Administration Academy, Armenia, 2000). In addition to her research in academia, she also combines professional experiences from the government, banking and software industries. She was involved in program committees for several international conferences and workshops such as AMARETTO 2017 at Models award, and Online Measures for Learning Processes at EARLI SIG 2016, and was a referee for several journals and books such as Expert Systems with Applications (Elsevier), Computers & Education (Elsevier), Transactions on Learning Technologies (IEEE), Learning Analytics (Springer).



Benchmarking Big Data (Parallel Session 3.2)
Monday Nov 12, 2018  17:00-18:30
Big Data Standards priorities, BDVA Workshops
Thursday Nov 23, 2017  11:00-12.30
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