Gabriel Gonzalez Castaner
Senior Research Coordinator (Insight-Centre for Data Analytics) at University College of Cork

Gabriel González-Castañé is a Senior Research Coordinator at University College of Cork working in the Insight-Centre for data analytics. He holds a PhD in Computer Science in the field of modeling and simulation, a MSc in distributed systems, and a Bachelor in Computer Engineering. He has participated in several Spanish National Projects during his studies and moved to Dublin City University in 2015 where he started working in EU projects leading a simulation work package in CACTOS FP7 project and succeeding on landing €0.6M in RECAP H2020 EU project. He moved to University College of Cork, into the Center of Unified Computing as technical coordinator of the Cloud Lightning H2020 project, marked as Excellent by the European Commission. Since then, he moved to the Insight Centre where he has been working on industrial projects working with leading industrial companies on transferring research to industry and leading roles and in EU project in the framework H2020 through different roles. He is currently leading the Work Package with 33 industrial, academics, and policy maker partners on ecosystem creation and development of the AI on demand platform and ecosystem H2020 project together with Prof. Barry O’Sullivan, and working on the engagement with TAILOR, HumanE AI Net Networks of Excellence and VISION CSA project – all ICT 48.
During this period he has been also working in proposal development, and he succeed on ICT-38 (AI for Manufacturing) and ICT-49 (Artificial Intelligence on demand platform) calls, landing €1M during last phase of the framework. His interests are in digital ecosystems, technology transfer, education skills development and upskilling, simulation, self organising architectures, distributed (cloud/edge/..) computing and simulation-optimisation.



Technologies enabling the data economy
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  12:15-13:45
Parallel session on The European AI on-demand Platform and Ecosystem Opportunities (AI4EU sponsored session)
Wednesday Nov 4, 2020  14:00-15:30
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