Frank Wagner
VP Business, Services & Infrastructure - Deutsche Telekom

Has been working at Deutsche Telekom since 1981. After 15 years in the area of technology from POTS over satellite, radio and TV broadcast communication, computer networks, servers and clients he started the second part of his career in the area of data privacy.
Selected milestones: Chief Privacy Officer of T-Online International, the future of mobile privacy project in cooperation with Mozilla, Privacy Lead in the PanIP program.
Has expert knowledge of applications, (cloud-) services, web technologies and all their privacy implications in data protection.
Is an excellent translator between privacy law and technology
Has a broad network of international data privacy experts and much sympathy for technical solutions which work for people, not against them.
Lives in a small town south of Darmstadt. In his free time, he likes motorbiking, spending time with his dog, meeting friends and listening to music.



Technical Solutions for GDPR Compliance (Parallel Sesion 4.3)
Tuesday Nov 13, 2018  11:15-12:45
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