Francesco Mureddu
Senior Director at The Lisbon Council

Francesco Mureddu is an advisor in innovation and technology policies. During his career, Francesco has been primarily involved in designing and delivering consultancy and research projects for the European Institutions in a wide variety of topics including Information Society and ICT, e-government, Smart Cities, ICT-enabled social innovation, future science, research and innovation policies. His specific fields of expertise include evaluation of policy initiatives and programmes, impact assessments, policy monitoring and benchmarking, policy development, counterfactual impact evaluation, technology road mapping and scenario development, economic and econometric modelling, cost/benefit and sensitivity analysis, stakeholders’ consultation and engagement. Francesco is currently Associate Director at the Belgian Think Tank The Lisbon Council, Associated Researcher at the Centre for North South Economic Research (CRENoS) of the University of Cagliari, as well as co-founder of the cybersecurity startup Intelligence Framework Inc. He has also professional experience in international institutions such as the European Commission and the European Central Bank. Francesco holds an MA in Economics from the Catholic University of Louvain and a PhD in Economics from the University of Cagliari and is able to work and interact in English and Spanish.



Metaverse enablers: moving towards virtual worlds (part 2)
Thursday Oct 26, 2023  14:45-16:15
Defining the Future of Decision and Policy Making through Big Data (Workshop 3.3)
Wednesday Nov 14, 2018  15:30-17:30
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