Francesca Manni
AI Scientist at Philips

“ AI Scientist at the Department of AI Data Science & Digital Twin at Philips Research (Eindhoven, NL). Since 2021, she is Subgroup Lead of the Healthcare group at BDVA. She finalized her PhD studies in 2021 at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology (Eindhoven, NL) in the field of AI applications in computer vision and in particular on novel medical imaging techniques for cancer detection and surgical guidance. She has been involved in several EU projects and she is author of many publications in impactful journals and conference proceedings. She is currently working on next-gen AI areas to realize AI in the healthcare domain



Federated learning and explainable AI: enhancing trust in clinical practice
Monday Nov 21, 2022  14:00-15:30
Do we trust AI applications? A cross-sectional challenge in the European Digital Transformation
Wednesday Dec 1, 2021  12:30-14:00
Digital transformation of healthcare powered by AI and Data
Thursday Dec 2, 2021  09:30-11:00
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