Evgenia Telmetidou
Lawyer/ Scientific Advisor at Municipality of Katerini

Evgenia Telmetidou is a lawyer in private law office since 2009. She got her degree in law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and her M.Sc. in Banking and Finance at the University of Piraeus, Greece.  She is a legal advisor in the National Bank of Greece since 2014 and in Probank S.A., Greece, for the years 2011-2013. She works as a Scientific Advisor of the Municipality of Katerini since November 2020, managing the whole lifecycle of the project ETAPAS – ETHICAL TECHNOLOGY ADOPTION IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION SERVICES – (https://www.etapasproject.eu/), a 3-year research Project. She is also a certified DPO since July 2020 by the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.



Enabling Trustworthy AI in the Public Sector for the benefit of citizens
Tuesday Nov 22, 2022  12:00-13:00
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