Erja Turunen
Executive Vice President, Digital technologies at VTT

Erja Turunen is the Executive Vice President of one of VTT’s three business units: Digital technologies. As the leader of the unit, Erja’s work involves strategic planning, engaging stakeholders and representing VTT in different organisations. Erja is also a member of VTT’s executive committee. Erja has a long background at VTT in leading research for systemic solutions in transportation, energy, manufacturing and circular economy. Data sharing is an essential topic in all of these domains facilitated by digital competences. While researching her main subject, material engineering research, she worked in world-leading research groups in Germany and the United States. Erja has been at VTT for more than 20 years and having various management positions more than 15 years. Erja has been member for multiple European initiatives and networks. Currently she is active in BoD’s for Gaia-X Aisbl, Finnish climate fund Oy and VTT SenseWay Oy.



Data Economy – all together now!
Thursday Dec 2, 2021  14:05-14:25
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