Ed Curry
Vice President at BDVA / Insight / NUI Galway

Edward is a researcher at the Data Science Institute at NUI Galway, leads a research unit on Open Distributed Systems, and is a member of the Executive Management Team of the Institute. Edward has made contributions to semantic technologies,
incremental data management, event processing middleware, software engineering, as well as distributed systems and information systems. He combines strong theoretical results with high-impact practical applications. Edward is author/co-author of over 180 peer-reviewed scientific publications. Edward is co-founder and elected Vice President of the Big Data Value Association, an industry-led European big data community, has built consensus on a joint European big data research and innovation agenda and influenced European data innovation policy to deliver on the agenda.



Focus Track 1: European Data Spaces – Main session
Tuesday Nov 3, 2020  13:30-15:00
Parallel session on Data and AI Skills for Society: The Interactive Debate
Wednesday Nov 4, 2020  15:30-16:30
Data4AI: technical challenges to make it possible (Workshop 2.4)
Wednesday Nov 14, 2018  13:30-15:00
Big Data Value PPP networking sessions, National Initiatives
Wednesday Nov 22, 2017  16:30-18:00
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