Dmitry Nikolaevich Znamenskiy
Senior Scientists at Philips Research

Dmitry N. Znamenskiy was born in 1976 in Moscow, Russia. He obtained Master with honors in Mathematics at Moscow State University and PhD at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, studying interacting stochastic processes on large (random) graphs. After two years of PostDoc at EURANDOM, in 2005 started at Philips Research working on Image and Signal processing, Machine Learning, parametric 3D modelling and registration, SLAM navigation using neural networks. Being certified agile POPM coordinates projects on creation and integration of (on-premise) information systems using parametric 3D data, including legal, privacy and commercialization aspects.



Parallel session on Tools for processing and exchanging 3D medical image big data: BodyPass (BodyPass project sponsored session)
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  12:00-13:00
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