Céline Xu

Celine works as a data scientist lead at Axel Johnson group. She advocates applying analytics to generate action orientated insights and scalable solutions to steer business decisions.
Celine is passionate about leveraging the data and transforming AI capabilities / advanced analytical algorithms to end to end products to improve companies’ business performance rather than only provide more information.
With 8+ years excellent track records of analytics and machine learning, Celine has a wide range of industry experiences, e.g. retail, financial service. she has experience in consumer re-segmenting &re-targeting, Omni channel customer behaviour analysis, product portfolio optimization and next best action prediction applied models e.g. decision trees, clustering, auto regression moving average, association & sequence model etc.
In past 3 years, her focus on the advance analytics and ML modelling in customer value analytics and company performance optimization fields, e.g. Recommendation engines, time series forecasting, and price optimization.
Celine has an applied mathematics degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China and an MBA degree focus on digitalization strategies and financial evaluation from Cass Business School, London



Parallel session on A BigDataStack for Industry – a focus on retail, shipping and insurance: is BigData the real future of emerging business? (BigDataStack project sponsored session)
Thursday Nov 5, 2020  10:00-13:30
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