Bernhard Krusche
Managing Director at Next Society Foundation

“Companies are far too busy maintaining the status quo. What’s missing is working on a sustainable culture of future readiness. Staying above the algorithms will become a question of survival not only for those organizations, but for all of us.”

As anthropologist, organizational consultant and managing director of the “Next Society Foundation”, Bernhard Krusche focuses on the cultural dimension of digital change, which is increasingly pushing existing organizations to the limits of their capabilities. Instead of becoming intoxicated by the successes of the past or limiting themselves to the gardening of the present, decision-makers both in organizations and society must focus on working on their own future viability. Providing appropriate tools for this endeavor is key to a future not only for a happy few, but for the rest of us. This purpose fuels his activities – and determines both the subject of his new book, on which he is currently working and his engagement within the DDI Framework.



Parallel session on Data Driven Innovation workshop
Tuesday Nov 3, 2020  15:30-17:30
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