Bernard Ourghanlian
Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security OfficerMicrosoft France– Partnership on AI at Microsof...

Bernard Ourghanlian joined Microsoft France in 1999 as the Chief Technology Officer and has been appointed as the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Security Officer for Microsoft France since 2001. As a CTO and CSO, Bernard leads the subsidiary’s strategy for Technology and Security. He is also in charge of managing Microsoft France technical risks, especially on large projects and to design, implement and lead all Microsoft France initiatives around security, especially the trustworthy computing initiative. Bernard is a member of the Microsoft France Executive Committee since 2008. He also is a board member of the “Syntec Numérique” board and chair of the e-Education committee and a board member of the “Paris Sud” University.
In strong partnership with Microsoft France CEO and all the relevant business groups, Bernard Ourghanlian is the Microsoft France spokesperson for technology and innovation, security policy and products, and as such has been interviewed by national press and broadcast, as well as speaking at industry and research events around France and Europe. He has also established strong relationships with the research community and with some key government agencies, including those responsible for public safety and national security. He has also strong links with Microsoft Corporation product engineering and Microsoft Research and actively participates in Microsoft products and solutions design. He is a member of the joint “INRIA-Microsoft Research” research laboratory Executive Committee.
In his last position prior to Microsoft Bernard was the Chief Technical Officer at Digital Equipment Corporation in France where he was in charge of introducing new technologies (Java and Internet, Client/Server Computing, Alpha architecture, new versions of operating systems, High Performance Technical Computing, compilers…) and to develop related new services.
He participated to the Alpha architecture design, notably around operating system and compiler support and launched the Alpha Resource Centre in France. Before joining Digital Equipment Bernard was part of one of the first worldwide Magnetic Resonance Imaging design team at Thomson CGR working on computer graphics optimization and systems design.
Bernard Ourghanlian has started his carrier as a teaching and research assistant in Orsay University (France).
Bernard holds a PhD in Mathematics and has authored several articles and books about computer science and mathematics. Bernard also continues to give lectures and training courses in various French universities and schools.



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