Arne Ijpma
Assistant Professor Clinical Bioinformatics at Erasmus MC

Arne IJpma obtained his PhD in 2004 in the field of telomere biology in the laboratory of Carol Greider at Johns Hopkins Medical School, USA.
Arne has 4 years of Industry experience from Merck, Ingenuity and Agilent Technologies. The Clinical Bioinformatics group at the Erasmus MC focuses on the support of datamining and analysis. This expertise is used for fundamental research, molecular diagnostics, molecular imaging, (forensic) molecular biology and support of clinical trials. Erasmus MC is one of the largest medical centers in the Netherlands.
Arne’s current research focus is on familial abdominal aneurysms and Heart Failure co-morbidities in the BigMedilytics project.



Wednesday Nov 22, 2017  14:15-16:00
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